Research Overview

Innovating “NanoBioMaterial” Design for Precision Medicine.

Precision medicine (aka. personalized medicine) is an emerging approach that matches patients with the most appropriate treatment based on the precise molecular features of an individual patient’s disease. Despite huge advances in translational research, diagnosis and treatment continue to pose profound challenges in addressing significant health problems, including cancer and life-threatening infectious diseases.

At the Min Lab, we aim to bring the next generation of engineering tools that enable innovative product designs for precision medicine. Our vision is to create sophisticated nano/biomaterials-based platform technologies that can detect and/or treat disease much earlier than currently possible. We focus on understanding and engineering the “biointerfaces” — based on fundamental chemical engineering principles — to arrive at robust engineering solutions. We are especially interested in moving a step closer to precision medicine for cancer and infectious diseases to end the drug resistance crisis.

Current lab research thrusts include:

  1.   Engineering nano-bio interfaces for implantable and wearable devices
  2.   Biosensing technologies for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring
  3.   Controlled drug delivery

More information about specific projects is forthcoming.